I’m not going to lie. When it comes to anime, I’m desperately inconsistent.

Sure I’ve been following the more recent animes such as Grimgar and Konosuba, yet that’s only been a recent change. Usually, however, I can be found binge watching old shows of the same genre.

What can I say? I love fantasy and adventure.


Unfortunately, that also means I rarely move out of that comfort zone, despite many of my friends and colleagues constantly reminding me about how I’m missing out on old gems like Code Geass or other genre’s of anime, be it Mech, Modern, or Monster Musume (which apparently, I’m missing out on as well).

Not having the time to browse the vast ocean of Japanese animation myself, what better way than to have my readers decide what I watch next?

I’m pretty ignorant about many of the Sci-Fi animes. Actually, just about any genre other than Fantasy and Romance, but especially Sci-Fi.

Recommend me your favorite shows, classics, and underrated shows in the comments. Help guide me through the endless abyss of underdeveloped characters, lazy exposition, and Mary Sues, to a show that’ll extend my nascent taste for anime.


– Your daily dose of anime