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erased-anime-header-001-20151226So after much nagging from friends, I decided to sit down and watch an episode of Erased with my buddy beside me (him constantly raving on about how great it was). It started out alright, nothing too out of the ordinary; I wasn’t on the hype train just yet. What followed afterwards in the few episodes that I proceeded to binge watch could only be described as the train derailing and spiraling off into an endless abyss of drama and countless intriguing cases of “what ifs”.

An evening that could’ve been spent cleaning up, finishing classwork, or conjuring up some more desperately needed content for the site. Instead, I found myself hopelessly absorbed into a new anime, and why was that?

What is keeping me hooked onto the show? Original plot? Check. Amazing art? Check. Excellent pacing? Check.

The formula for this show is so well done, yet the driving force of my addiction has to be the amazing character development between our protagonist, and Hinazuki. What makes the silent Hinazuki so lovable and relatable? I mean, someone questioning your intellect every few minutes shouldn’t be so likable. Yet you can’t help but smile everytime she teases Satoru with a faint “Are you stupid?”

I personally think that she makes for such a good character because she has a unique personality that’s built on her interesting, yet shadowed past. Every conversation she makes with Satoru reveals a bit about her, yet she still remains a curious enigma. Is it pity that drives us to like her? Maybe. However, that alone isn’t the sole reason why she’s such a well made character. It’s the way she talks, the way she acts, and the distinct personality she gives off that makes the audience, and Satoru, strive to get to know her better.


A good character is compelling, one that has a unique personality. An intriguing history that’s not a quick and cliche origin story, but one that really explains the character’s tiny quirks throughout the show.

There’s an abundance of stereotypical anime archetypes out there, yet seeing a character that feels so real and alive makes me yearn for characters who are more than just 2-D cardboard cutouts

What we need are characters that compel us to follow their story. Characters that we genuinely care for, and worry about when the episode ends on drama filled cliffhanger. A character both intriguing, and relatable. Not another clumsy, boob grabbing, and hopelessly dense protagonist, or another pink haired psycho Tsundere.


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