I feel like watching these anime shorts is akin to running a 10K marathon at full sprint downhill until eventually, you smash your face into the finish line, the finish line being a brick wall. By the time I hit the abrupt end of it, I’m desperately panting for breath, barely able to keep up with the rapid fire dialogue that’s spit out to keep the episodes 2 minutes long.

And that’s exactly the kind of ride you’re in for when watching Ooyasan wa Shishunki, a show about a landlord in middle school.

Despite the heart-attack inducing pace that the show throws at you, it’s a refreshing change to the more common 20 minute episodes that we watch on a daily basis. Hell, the show can even be charming sometimes.

Ooyasan wa Shishunki follows the life of two tenants , Reiko and Meada, interacting with their landlord Satanoka, who turns out to be a middle school student. Though the show has little to no plot, the show attempts to develop the characters personalities with the very little time they have, while also being very lighthearted.

So does it work? To a degree, it does have it’s appeal.

Though the show itself lacks a structure, many other elements make up for it’s weak plot. The artwork is very vibrant, and the characters are likable when they briefly appear on screen. But should you watch it?

My final verdict would be a confident yes. Though the show may be lacking in some areas, the fact that each of the episodes are only two minutes long doesn’t force you to commit much of your time into the show, yet offers you a few laughs here and there, along with some very colorful artwork.

If you’re looking for something to briefly occupy your time, or need a break from your more dark and heavy-hearted series, take some time off to watch this short upbeat story about the daily life of a peculiar landlord.