Despite all I had planned for the week, a number of inevitable delays came up. Apologies for the missed deadline! I’m still testing out a scheduling plan that’ll fit on my somewhat packed calendar.

In other news, we’ve now got social media! I never did get into the whole social media thing, but I thought you guys may want another medium for your (not-so) weekly fix of anime blogging. At the moment, I’m working on building us a Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, so come join the family and spread the word. Lets turn this into another great home for our fellow members!


So what am I watching right now? Between the ever-growing tension of Erased, and finishing up Kuroko’s Basketball, I really haven’t had time for much this week. Should be changing soon now that I’ve gotten the bulk of my work out of the way, but expect some slight delays (though I promise I’m working on something for this weeks blog post! Hope you guys like sports *cough*). If you were wondering what other shows I’m working on at the moment, I’m currently planning on starting Haikyuu, another sports anime, but this time it’s on volleyball.

No, I’m not a sports junkie at all. Nor am I remotely athletic enough to play any of the sports I watch (girl’s volleyball aside).


Konosuba is still on my watchlist, and I’m planning to catch up on Grimgar as soon as I can. (Unfortunately, haven’t been able to watch it ever since I wrote that one post on it)  Over the weekend however, you guys recommended I watch Durarara and Baccano, so I also have those to work through.

I’ve also been working on numerous site changes, both aesthetically, and content-wise. It’s going slowly, but I’m getting things done so that’s a plus. Having some CSS issues, but I’m sure I’ll get those fixed sooner or later. Of course check out my site and leave a comment below if you guys want to see a certain feature, post, or if you just think my site is ugly and in need of a design intervention (trust me, I’m working on it! I swear!). Things on my agenda at the moment are:

– Add more content to the site, both page-wise and post-wise
– Attempt to finish my watchlist
– Set up my rather bare social media
– Improve site design

As always, thanks for the read! The site’s growing steadily and I do appreciate the support from you guys! Here’s to a new and growing community. Cheers!