As I realize my burning desire to fight… and to win.


When I first decided I wanted to deviate from my usual rotation of shows, I didn’t really expect one about sports. To be honest, I dove into Kuroko’s Basketball hoping to watch something a bit more action-packed after getting hit by the feels from Your Lie in April. What it threw at me however, was a cast of incredibly memorable characters, a deceptively deep plot, and basketball complimented by slick-animations with a heavy dose of “anime”.

What more could I have asked for, really?

In truth, I didn’t think I’d enjoy watching an anime based around a sport. I never really was interested in playing a sport, nor was I athletic enough to. However, watching the intensity of the games, cheering for Seiren, and seeing the players themselves get better with each passing game made me realize something. That I also have that burning desire to win. That I actually crave victory, even though I’ve never been on the court, or in a stadium. All of us have that little competitive spirit bursting inside us, whether you’re a writer, or an athlete. However, is it even possible for us to experience the thrill of fans, or the frustration of defeat without ever setting foot onto the field?


This morning I woke up mentally setting myself a goal. Get home, do homework, wash dishes, and write 1000 words. Simple; almost routine, really. Did I manage to complete my goal? Maybe not. Maybe I’m too tired on that day, or swamped with other work, or just busy procrastinating. And every time it happens, I go to bed flustered, yet determined to challenge myself again tomorrow. This routine is an almost daily ritual for me now, taking up much of my free time after classes and work. But when I succeed?

I get to wake up, go through the painstaking task of rereading and editing my work (usually involving a lot of cringing) before clicking the publish button on this post with a feeling of satisfaction. And that last part is the very reason why I challenge myself to do it again and again. The euphoria of fulfillment I get after I’m done, far outweighs all the sleep (or lack there-of) and sacrifices I have or may have to make.

Your routine may look drastically different compared to mine. It may be to finish that sketch you have in your room, hitting a certain rank in a video game, or even just finally finishing that lab report due tomorrow. Our competitive spirit is still there, no matter how mundane the task seems. That small part of us that cheers for every small victory, wants to cheer again and again. It wants to cry out “I’m the best!”, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.


In fact, I challenge you to be the best. At something you love, or at anything at all. Set yourself a goal, and stick with it. I realize that after watching Kuroko struggle to better himself, that competition is not all about beating the other team, or winning the game. Some of my favorite moments in anime is watching the basketball players of Seirin High train. They sharpen their own skills, developing new quirks and techniques to fight for their next victory. It may not be the same as making a three-pointer or running a touchdown, but the feeling of pride, satisfaction, and joy of doing something you love, or finishing that project you know you’ve spent hours on is a bliss like no other. Knowing that you’ve trained for weeks to pull off this new trick, or months writing that novel makes the victory, and the cheers all the more rewarding.