Of steampunk samurais on a train, and happy hippopotami.


Ah, yes. Another late post, though one more or less, justified. By the time this post gets published, I’ll be in the midst of either dancing the night away with friends, or being a glorified party ornament (I’m not real great at things like this). The final dance of the year is just around the corner, forcing me to frantically pull out that dusty suit I keep in the closet for these rare occasions.

But on to more anime-related topics.

[Note: I do try to keep my post spoiler-free, however, there may be some minor spoilers ahead. Enjoy!]

Mayoiga - HippoSong

My very first watch for the Spring season, I was quite excited to see what this series had to offer. From the colorful and wonderfully disturbed cast, to the ominous foreshadowing of grim events yet to be seen, Mayoiga is looking to be a curious psychological adventure into the unknown. I can’t say the first episode was devoid of any action, but it definitely focused on introducing the large cast of characters as well as setting a disturbing atmosphere. The way the characters act, the premise of the tour itself, and the snippets of personal history you catch from the various members of the tour, helps create an unsettling and mysterious environment for the audience.

The main character is also an interesting enigma. He definitely appears to be your typical protagonist, with his naivete and insistence on being optimistic. However, quick bouts of violent hallucinations hint at something far more complex and sinister than the show is leading on. The other characters are also equally strange, and I’m almost certain some of them will end up being psychotic killers one way or another (one of them is even waving a gun around for goodness sake!). Though many of the different characters fill a very clear trope/cliche, I’m curious to see how they’ll interact with one another (both before, and after shit hits the fan).


The plot itself is as mysterious as the characters themselves. Our crew of thoroughly disturbing young men and women are taken onto a bus tour that offers a one way ticket to paradise, a utopia where they can escape their past life and indulge in whatever they desire. A very sketchy offer for certain, however, it’s definitely a telling sign of what our characters will do to escape whatever past they have. With all the not-so subtle foreshadowing going on in this episode, I’m almost certain our characters won’t be arriving at a busy hot spa filled paradise somewhere beyond those mountains. Either way, definitely planning to follow this one as the weeks go by.


There’s been an endless amount of skepticism on how the studio behind Attack on Titan was going to handle this new show. With that being said, I had high expectations for Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress regardless. So how did the opening episode fare? Filled with slick animations, an amazing (albeit, familiar) orchestral track, and a very curious world, I can gladly say I loved every bit of it. Was it amazing? Not at all, however, it wasn’t entirely bad either. The whole steampunk samurai theme really scratched an itch that I didn’t even know I had until now. The main character, luckily, doesn’t immediately mold into a boring trope from the start. Along with some badass moments in opening episode, the protagonist (also known as Ikoma) also isn’t afraid to fight against the zombie-like creatures. Little flashbacks reveal his history and help flesh out his character in general (such as his motives for fighting).


And yet again, humans are on the verge of extinction to zombie-like creatures known as Kabane.

It’s not the worst premise, and from the likes of Wit Studio, it’s definitely well done. I do like the entire apocalyptic atmosphere in general, as well as seeing what crazy ideas the writers can come up with in this steampunk universe. I wasn’t sure what the Kabane were going to be like, however, judging from the first episode we can definitely see that they function like your classic zombie, with some variations. It’ll definitely be interesting, as I’ve seen some swing swords and others running. I’m hoping to see other kinds of Kabane, and how our heroes will deal with them as the show continues. I’m also hoping to see the show break away from its old formula, and really embrace the eccentric world lore. With some solid action, and a decent plot, definitely will be following this one as well.


I actually don’t know where to start with this one. I wasn’t actually planning to start this series until later in the season, however, the premiere of Joker Games caught my eye and kept me looking forward to the next. A peculiar twist to the mystery genre, the story stars eight spies in training. I actually haven’t grasped much of the plot yet, nor did I take any notes. The premise feels like an intriguing take on an old noir with a healthy dose of Death Note-esque mind games.

Along with Joker Games, I also watched the premiere of Bungou Stray Dogs. It didn’t hold my interests for long however, with its dull comedy, cliche-riddled cast, and a protagonist that just rubs me the wrong way. Not saying the show was absolute garbage, however the premiere wasn’t a strong one, nor do I think it’ll hold my curiosity for long. We’ll see how the plot and character development continues as the weeks roll by.

I didn’t really want to separate this into two parts, however, my schedule is a bit botched as the school-year comes to an end. The blog’s not going to die off any time soon however, and I’m certainly going to keep finding time to post. Please bear with me during these couple of weeks, and thank you for all of the support I’ve been getting!