Coming back to my keyboard after an exceedingly long hiatus is a relief like no other. Firstly though, I just want to thank everyone who stopped by my rather modest site to peruse my varied collection of posts. Like them or not, the fact that someone other than “yours truly” is interested in my writing is an incredible sight, even when I’m not actively posting!


As for my long period of inactivity (its been three weeks or so now at the time of this writing), I’ve been caught up with various award ceremonies, college handouts, graduation parties, and the like. Its been a rather pleasant experience, if not busy, albeit, one that keeps me from my keyboard for various lengths of time. Though it was a somewhat tough decision to make, I decided to just stop writing for a couple weeks to focus on my few last moments in high school. Besides the usual cram for exams and spring cleaning, I also took a bus ride down to Orlando for some amusement park fun. An overall good time, and a nice way to end my current school season.

Though my rather lacking monthly post count may say otherwise, I’ve actually been quite productive throughout this rather long hiatus. Working on some posts here and there rather than idling during my sporadic moments of peace definitely helped create a little backlog of posts to buffer any future periods of inactivity. Unfortunately, even though I have content just waiting to be published, it’s mostly unedited and crude posts on witty wolves, mid-season rants, and “edutainment”. So until I can get to reading over my posts, and organizing my rants to something more manageable and coherent…

Well, I’m sure it’ll work out somehow.

JustabitmorePopura!I’ve also been working on new styles of posting whilst I was away: short stories created from anime pictures, poems, and the like. Haven’t really put them to the test yet, but after thinking on them for it bit, I think I can make it work somehow. I’m definitely motivated enough to spend time trying out some creative and new ideas.

Past all the writing and miscellaneous site news however, this’ll be a strange summer for me. Though I’m not a stranger to hard work, having a full-time job during the summer is drastically different from helping your grandpa mow lawns every now and then. I’m not stressed out about it or anything. On the contrary, I’m actually quite excited to have a full-time job (Hurray! Employment!).

But that’s just my rather trivial thoughts on how quickly time seems to be going by.

Yeah, adding a piece about my own personal life was a tiny indulgence on my part. One that I definitely don’t deserve, looking back on my lack of content this month. I’m definitely looking forward to next month however, especially Funjinsei’s monthly blog carnival (I do enjoy reading many of the posts there, you guys sure can write!). In the meantime, however, I’ll be chaining myself to a desk in a lovely attempt to be productive.