First of all, I want to thank everyone for the amazing reception to my “100 Day Anime Challenge”. This one’s for you guys.


A little bit over two weeks into the challenge and I’ve already gotten so many comments and emails on them. Seriously! When I wrote my first post for the challenge, I was coming back from a one year hiatus. A year of not posting, or writing much for the matter. I’ll be frank, I left the site for dead jumping into college. Though anime was my passion, I decided to sacrifice that for my pursuits in computer science and my love for gaming. I never really did forget about this blog, or the people that I met because of it, however. I’d jump back now and again to read through my past writing and check up on my fellow anibloggers. Though my site had died, I was so happy to see some of you guys still going strong.

I found myself being unable to write for awhile, so I decided to dust off the old blog and jump straight into an anime challenge, declaring to the community that- Yes, I will be writing on a daily basis.

And so far, its been a blast!


What I’m doing now

I promised that I would post on more than just my anime challenges, and though I’ve got nothing up right now, expect more very soon. Seems ideas don’t come to me quite as quickly after a years hiatus, go-figure.


Actually, I’m just waiting for the new season to start. In the meantime, I’ve got the usual fall season preview finished and a HUGE season wrap up in the works (struggling to catch up on “Kakegurui” and “Sagrada Reset” while waiting for the rest of the simulcast to finish). Expect my preview to come out in a couple days as well as the first part of my season wrap-up. Aside from writing, however, I’ve got some other big changes coming up.

A completely new design for the blog
I’ve actually been working on this one for a little while. Though I’ve got a layout sketched down for the site, implementing it is another matter that I need to plan out.

Updating my watchlist for the new season
Because my “constantly updated” watchlist was last updated in 2016. Hehe…

More Social Media
Admittedly, I’m actually very inconsistent when it comes to social media. I’m laughably bad at posting daily content on my twitter where others seem to post every couple minutes. Don’t know, maybe social media doesn’t resonate with me well. I definitely will be updating some profile pictures with new artwork, however.

More Content
I’m slowly settling into a clear writing schedule so expect to see me around more often (like it or hate it).


Writing the daily posts on top of finishing off the current anime season is keeping me plenty busy at the moment. Still, there’s something oddly satisfying about marking each show off the list as ‘complete’ (I’m sure you guys understand). My classes are fairly flexible this semester, allowing me to code away at the new site, slowly but surely. Been working as a waitor for a year now, though I recently got into a nice internship in the technology field so that’s something. It’s a lot to juggle for sure, (getting close to 5 hours of sleep a night) but it feels rather fulfilling that I’m trying so hard at something.

It helps that I fill my downtime with light novel reading. Just caught up to speed with the SukaSuka translations, so I’m searching for a new series to work through. In the meantime, however, I’ve been reading Elithius by Dominic Sceski, who’s actually a fellow aniblogger over at The Golden Lands (go check him out!). Roughly halfway through the story and though I won’t spoil anything, I can say that I’ve enjoyed it a lot. A story that may be rough around the edges, but scratches my fantasy adventure itch in all the right places.

Just my style!


A final thank you to all the wonderful bloggers that commented on my posts. It’s because of you that I get to peruse through quality anime content while I run errands in my car. And for Yahari Bento for mentioning me during their “One Lovely Blog Award” as a nominee. Congratulations on the award and keep up the great content!

Until tomorrow.