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To the “Little Rookie.”


This is my first journey through the “100 Days of Anime” Challenge, an ambitious project that I’ll be taking. For the full list of prompts, click here.

“Favorite weapon, gear or armor used in an anime?”

There were so many options for this prompt and I love them all. Ruby’s scythe, Spike’s trusty Jericho, and even Alucard’s over-sized 13mm “Jackal”. Though all of them are recognizable within the community, I decided to go with something a bit more storied. Bell Cranel’s Weapon the “Hestia Knife.”

A perfect fit for the one titled “Little Rookie.”


There is no doubt that this mithril blade is first-rate, created by the goddess Hephaestus with the help of Bell’s own goddess, Hestia. The remarkable feature of the weapon isn’t its fine durability and sleek build, but its magical properties, granting Bell enhanced stats that become stronger the more Bell grows; a fine complement to his “Argonaut” skill which further augments his stats. This special ability allows Bell to survive many encounters, taking down monsters that are many levels above him. But my favorite part about this weapon is not the stats or the looks, but the story behind the blade.

A story of a goddess’ love and devotion to her one follower.


Learning about Bell’s goal to become a strong adventurer, Hestia goes off to find a way to help Bell survive. A weapon, something essential to every adventurer that walks into the dungeon. With very little money to spare buying one, Hestia attends a feast where all of the gods are attending, meeting her old friend Hephaestus. And in front of the crowd of gods, she prostrates herself before Hephaestus, begging for a weapon to help Bell.

Which is promptly rejected.

But that doesn’t stop Hestia from begging over and over again. It’s almost painful to watch, but at the same time the emotion she feels for Bell has nothing to do with her pride. Her persistence pays off, and Hephaestus creates the Hestia Blade, made with Hestia’s hair and ichor infused into the symbols.

A gift filled with emotion to an aspiring adventurer, and her only believer.