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Playing the game of life.


This is my first journey through the “100 Days of Anime” Challenge, an ambitious project that I’ll be taking. For the full list of prompts, click here.

“Name an anime you wished was real.”

I’m a gamer. Video games, card games, whatever fits my fancy at the time, I’ll play. Hell, I even make up games throughout my daily routine. How many customers I can serve in a day, how many words I can write in ten minutes – small challenges I take to spice up the monotomy of life. Though I was stuck on Pokemon for a little while, I decided that if I could experience any anime in real life, it’d have to be the fantasy world of Disboard, from “No Game No Life”.


A world where every conflict is settled by a game, enforced by a tangible divine power. Unlike the show’s protagonist Sora and Shiroe however, I’m not a chess prodigy or a genius – playing games for the thrill of a challenge in contrast to Sora’s “Game of Thrones”. No, the curious world of Disboard is enough for me. Living a thrilling (albeit, dangerous) life where nothing is guarenteed but my own skill? That’s just my kind of world. It’s something that excites my inner gamer, in more ways than one. Your life and status, determined by a single game forces you to constantly improve. It’s a kind of discipline that’s essential if you want to survive in Disboard. Aside from that, there’s a multitude of fantasy elements that I absolutely love.

Dragons, magic, godlike murder weapons – the usual.


Though others may laugh at my choice (after all, who doesn’t want their own Bulbasaur?), I feel like NGNL fits my personality better. It’s a world that feeds into my competitive side – a side that sadly has been diminished over the years. But until then, I’ll settle with the odd money-game or poker.

Now if only I could get my sister to do the chores for once.