Two worlds and their stories.


This is my first journey through the “100 Days of Anime” Challenge, an ambitious project that I’ll be taking. For the full list of prompt, click here.

“Which anime character would you want as a best friend?”

When we first ran into Beatrice during Re: Zero’s simulcast, I immediately fell in love with her character. No, I did not want to waifu her, despite my group’s insistence on the matter. But I could definitely see myself hanging out with Beatrice, spending my days in the forbidden library amidst piles of books from a fantasy world. Reading is a significant trait we share after all, and befriending the one that guards that treasure trove? Yes please!

Even if she’s a little sadistic…


I personally think it’d be difficult to approach her rather “tsunderish” front. But behind that facade is a genuinely kind and perceptive person – something she shows to us as the show continues. Her perspective is interesting, somewhere between being pragmatic and idealistic: being logical while still listening to the delirious ramblings of a desperate protagonist. Given the time, I’d probably pester her with countless questions on magic, the supernatural, and even her favorite book in the library.

Reliable and powerful in her own right, while still being approachable and honest, even if she tells us not to compare her to ‘mere’ humans. All of that makes me eager to learn more about her, what she can teach me, and the interesting stories she can tell me. And I’m curious to know what she thinks about our world, and the stories we have here.

It’ll be a grand time, I suppose.