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Where there’s journey, there’s change.


This is my first journey through the “100 Days of Anime” Challenge, an ambitious project that I’ll be taking. For the full list of prompts, click here.

“Name an anime that changed you.”

With the respectable amount of riveting anime plots I’ve had the pleasure of watching throughout the years, this question came as a surprise. An anime that changed me as a person? I was stumped. Yet equally surprising was how confidently I chose my show, especially for one that hasn’t even finished airing yet!


Being somewhat late for the original Kino’s Journey, I jumped into the modern revamp of the show with zero expectations. And just like that, the first episode left me with taste of adventure – not here at the desk, but outside far beyond my borders. A craving that I still carry with me months later, even after my first post on Kino and my wanderlust. A search for stories, and a thirst for change.

And as trivial as it was, I did change.

Little habits that I’ve picked up throughout my daily routine; slowing down and keeping an eye out for peculiar things around me instead of the brisk, focused pace that’s become almost automatic. Letting my mind wander and create its own stories as I walk around my all-too-familiar campus felt silly and meaningless at first. Yet the time spent relaxing and pondering rather than keeping busy has done wonders for writing.

I also found myself focusing more on specific topics, rather than multitasking and failing at both. Working out? I’m a whole month into my set routine, every night before bed. At this point, skipping a day is almost jarring. Kino’s dedication to honing her skill with the gun captured my respect, especially once she shows it off in combat. It’s a refreshing change from the usual dismissive explanation “She had a master.” or “He’s ex-military.”

Acquiring a skill requires effort. And keeping it sharp requires constant care.


Kino’s episodic nature of tackling various topics is just the storytelling I need this season. Along with giving me something to regularly talk about each week, its also made me consciously… more social? I found myself speaking to stranger more often. Gently coaxing out conversation that can lead to funny stories, interesting anecdotes, and even tragic tales and drama. It’s absolutely riveting.

Or maybe I’m just getting nosier.

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