I’m also a big fan of hammocks.

Ikta's Hammock.png

This is my first journey through the “100 Days of Anime” Challenge, an ambitious project that I’ll be taking. For the full list of prompts, click here.

“Name an anime character you wish you were like.”

Crude, lazy, and a hopeless womanizer. With traits like these, anyone considering Ikta Solork as their role model must be equally immoral themself. Yet after looking back at every character, protagonist, sidekick, hero, and villain I’ve seen in the anime world, I’ve only really wanted to be one.

The “Invincible Lazy General” of Alderamin on the Sky.

Despite his perverted nature, there was one thing about Ikta that resonated with me. He was logical and efficient, yet still able to understand human nature. His ability to read the people around him was uncanny. It allows him to mingle in with a crowd, pick up women, deceive enemies. Dastardly and manipulative? Yes. Effective? Very. It’s what makes him an inspiring leader; one that I could get behind.

A leader that I aspire to be.

Ikta the Dirtbag.png

A lot of Ikta’s appeal does stem from his laid-back personality. It reflects my own in a way, speaking his mind without a single worry. And I respect that. I’m also a believer that one must be lazy in the right ways. Unfortunately for me, I’m not a genius, so I still have to make up for most things with hard work. During the series, Yatori (Ikta’s closest friend) explains why he’s able to stay so calm, even in combat-something I’ve unknowingly held as a motto for years. Know what you can and can’t do. Take that into account and don’t fret about what you can’t change. Maybe that’s why we’re both so laid-back (maybe to the point of carelessness).

Yes, it may have been better to choose a character that’s more driven or downright badass. But to me, I’d rather pick a character I see myself becoming. I may never become a womanizing battlefield genius (that’s what wishes are for). That’s fine, because I’ll take my time and find my own way to do things.

Because that’s the first step to becoming invincible.