But really? I’ve been ready for this.

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This is my first journey through the “100 Days of Anime” Challenge, an ambitious project that I’ll be taking. For the full list of prompts, click here.

When I came across this question while transcribing everything onto paper, I honestly laughed. Then the realization that I’ll have to eventually answer this was put off for the next 56 days.

“What’s your favorite hentai?”

Now don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against the genre. It just makes a poor challenge question, while also forcing me to frantically think up an answer or make another question altogether. Luckily, I have my trusty frie- ahem source that gave me the material I needed to both answer this question truthfully and keep potential job offerings open (sorry guys! I really need ’em right now!). Though I never stated that my blog was family friendly, I’ll refrain from linking the source.

Don’t worry. This post is mostly safe for work, to my few friend’s disappointment.


It wasn’t that perverse in nature at all, which broke my general stigma of all hentai being dirty to put it eloquently.

The work in question was a full color fanfiction of all the Fate characters from the series doing a 15th anniversary gathering at a hot spring. The artwork was beautiful, actually, and I had a fun time watching characters like Rider and Gilgamesh from Fate/Zero competing with each other, side characters complaining about their roles in the show, and the usual hot springs shenanigans on the girl’s side.

And honestly? I almost forgot I was reading what’s considered hentai.

Aside from the nudity (most of which is censored with an arm here or a horse there), I’d consider the entire thing pretty safe for work. It had a feels-good vibe to it, as mortal enemies from the show made casual conversation and talked about getting roles in other shows; as if everything so far was a stage, and they were the actor gathering for the after-show party. As the night winds down, characters say their goodbyes, teasing a possible gathering next year. And you know what?

I’ll probably read it when it comes out as well.

If you guys are interested in finding it (and because I can’t), I remember it being in full color. Trying to remember a name, all I remember is “Fate: 15th anniversary by the Clover Club” or something of that sort. A very tentative google-fu didn’t reveal what I was looking for, but feel free to shoot me a link haha. It wasn’t a dirty doujin by any means though.