There’s an unspoken promise in Kuroko’s Basketball; a big what if. It’s a promise that – aside from the games themselves, I was looking forward to seeing the most. The promise that by the end of it all, we’ll see all the star players from the different teams get back together for a game. The hype for this is immense and Kuroko’s Basketball takes this scenario and knowingly hypes us up with foreshadowing, and the odd flashback here and there. Sure Aomine and Kagami may be sworn rivals, but what we want to see more isn’t a victory; it’s them working together to absolutely crush the competition.

Kuroko’s Basket: Last Game gives us just that.

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“Favorite anime movie?”

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I absolutely adore this movie not for any depth or plot, but for the sole fact that the studio gave us exactly what we wanted. Throughout the actual show, our heroes Kagami and Kuroko are forced to face off against seemingly impossible odds. Aomine: an unstoppable streetballer with the talent and speed to match sets a high wall for our heroes to climb, and he’s only the first in many. Yet the show does amazingly well at making Aomine seem invincible, while also making the antagonists that follow just as strong if not stronger. We watch the talented Kise fight on with his team, Midoriya and his effortless half-court shots, and catch glimpses of Akashi’s true genius. It’s moments like these that make you wonder what the “Generation of Miracles” can accomplish together.

And the movie shows off each and every one of these skills.


Pair that up with a strong, unlikable antagonist, and you’ve got yourself an action-packed movie that fans have been raving for for years. Sure there are other movies that I’ve fallen in love with: Your Name was absolutely beautiful, and I’m sure A Silent Voice will end up being at the top of my favorite movies list (when I finally watch it). But in terms of pure fun and excitement?

A sports anime just can’t be beaten.