Finding my muse on greener pastures.


This is my first journey through the “100 Days of Anime” Challenge, an ambitious project that I’ll be taking. For the full list of prompts, click here.

“A Slice of Life”

The Winter 2017 anime season of last year left me doting on Kino’s Journey and the wanderlust that came with travel. It’s almost been a year since that post now, and with that I’ve got big news. I just moved out and I’m finally ready to start that journey. On that note, I want to continue on my “road to 100” with a poorly disguised hiatus post.

Where Kino’s journey ends, and where mine begins.


Kino’s Journey is a show about stories–Kino’s, her master’s, and the people around her. Travelling alongside a talking motorbike, Kino visits various countries to learn about the people, their culture, and their customs. Every country is amazing and strange in its own way. Some are hospitable, some sinister, and others hold tragic memories.  A recurring theme for Kino comes in the form of a question. Should a traveler quietly experience a country without leaving a mark? Or are leaving footsteps along the way also part of travelling? That theme expanded on what I wanted to experience when I traveled. I wanted to make a difference, and I got my chance to about 3 months ago; saving up and moving out for the first time.


Its been a humbling experience–one that forced me to meet new people, accept new ideas, and generally keeping a busy schedule. But compared to how quickly time has flown by, I feel like I’ve been away from my blog for forever. In that time I was gone, I ended up meeting more people in a week then I had in a year. I’m also happy to say that breaking out of my shell during my last Kino’s Journey post helped me to connect with the multitude of creators pitching their projects. I also low-key pitch my blog whenever I get the chance. Afterwards, I supplement my shamelessness by trying my hand at cooking.

Sprinkle on a needless amount of butter, a dose of depression to taste and you’ve got a typical college student dinner.


I miss this blog, the community and support centered around what we all love. Like Hermes, I want to bring you guys along with me while I’m working on my projects. So I guess expect more posts on my life outside anime analyses (it’ll be awesome, I swear!). I’ll definitely scale down to a weekly-ish schedule with everything going on, but I’m excited. So as parting words for this ramble.

I’m finally starting a new adventure. Please come along.