Site Update: Coming of Age

Coming back to my keyboard after an exceedingly long hiatus is a relief like no other. Firstly though, I just want to thank everyone who stopped by my rather modest site to peruse my varied collection of posts. Like them or not, the fact that someone other than “yours truly” is interested in my writing is an incredible sight, even when I’m not actively posting!


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The Duo of Re:Zero – Starting a New Life from Zero, with One Another!

For those of you who’ve read my impressions on this show (or check out my twitter), you’ll know that I’m absolutely in love with Re:Zero at the moment. Looking at Re:Zero from earlier in the season, it was definitely painted as your usual game/fantasy-world cliche, with tropes on-par with the likes of SAO or Log Horizon. What I got instead, was a seemingly happy-go-lucky comedy, with a heavy dose of thriller. However, the elements that definitely turned me over completely, were namely the array of lovable characters. And I couldn’t figure out why I liked them so much either, especially our main duo, Subaru and Emilia. Unoriginal or cliche is definitely not how I would describe Re:Zero, yet what is it that they do different?

[Warning for readers who have not started Re:Zero yet. This article contains spoilers for episodes 1-4. Continue at your own risk!]


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Spring Anime 2016 – Ani-Dote’s Impressions (Part 2)

Oh, how I missed the sweet sound of progress as I listen to the clicks and clacks of my keyboard. Just a poetic way of saying I missed you guys! I’d rather not jinx it by saying I’ve broken through the horror that is my schedule, however, I was determined to get this post out before it got any later.

Oh, and if you haven’t check out Part 1 yet, go ahead and read my little blurbs on Kabaneri, Mayoiga, and more. (Don’t worry, this post isn’t going anywhere!)

Digressions aside, let’s see what’s hot on the figurative anime supermarket for this week.


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Site News: Putting Words On Pages

Despite all I had planned for the week, a number of inevitable delays came up. Apologies for the missed deadline! I’m still testing out a scheduling plan that’ll fit on my somewhat packed calendar.

In other news, we’ve now got social media! I never did get into the whole social media thing, but I thought you guys may want another medium for your (not-so) weekly fix of anime blogging. At the moment, I’m working on building us a Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, so come join the family and spread the word. Lets turn this into another great home for our fellow members!


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