My Watchlist

Adventure, Comedy, Drama, and a healthy dose of critical analysis for each. Expect many old shows alongside the newer anime season as I catch up on shows I’ve missed, and shows you’ve recommended.

Alright, I know it’s not updated. Stop laughing. I’m working on a new format for the new season here!

Fall Season: 2017

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
    • Shokugeki no Soma: Season 3
    • Black Clover
    • Junni Taisen
  • Wednesday
    • Konohan Kitan
    • Urahara
  • Thursday
    • Inuyashiki
    • King’s Game
  • Friday
    • Dies Irae
    • Kino’s Journey
    • Girl’s Last Tour
  • Saturday
    • Blend-S
    • The Ancient Magus Bride
    • Two Cars
  • Sunday







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