It’s just a game, after all.


This is my first journey through the “100 Days of Anime” Challenge, an ambitious project that I’ll be taking. For the full list of prompts, click here.

“Most badass scene from any anime character?”

I hear this phrase all too often. It’s just a game. Why are you trying so hard? It’s a phrase often used by oblivious parents – to the frustration of many dedicated players, whether it’s a sport or a video game. Tsuki adopts this thinking early in Haikyu despite being on the main rotation for the volleyball team. It’s just a club. It’s just volleyball. Every move Tsuki makes is logical and calculated, which shows both on the court and off. So it’s even more exciting when Tsuki inevitably shakes off that mindset, using those traits to fully embrace the passion of volleyball.

So the moment Tsuki gets serious in the finals, I was cheering my heart out. Watching him block and one-touch every shot cooly and casually, a huge contrast to his teammates cheering and hype.


Karasuno’s team throughout the series is almost infamous for their strong talent, but lacking strategy. Tsuki brings the understanding and smarts our overly-eager team desperately needs to the court. No he doesn’t have monsterlike reflexes or a crazy spike. Instead, he utilizes his understanding of the game, blocking, and uses that to support his team.


His change from indifference to passion was a beautiful moment – the character growth I was looking for in Tsuki. By far, one of my favorite characters in Haikyu, and I’m expecting to see him grow even more with his newfound love for volleyball. When he starts getting hyped for the first time in the show, I was shouting along.


An absolute badass in his own regard, and this was my exact reaction.


Shadow of War recently came out, and its absolutely doing a number on my productivity. (Personally feel like my quality’s gone down). Still pushing along, however, hopefully I get out my piece on Kino’s Journey and The Ancient Magus Bride soon.

Thanks for all the support! A quarter of the way through and 73 more days to go!