Oh, how I missed the sweet sound of progress as I listen to the clicks and clacks of my keyboard. Just a poetic way of saying I missed you guys! I’d rather not jinx it by saying I’ve broken through the horror that is my schedule, however, I was determined to get this post out before it got any later.

Oh, and if you haven’t check out Part 1 yet, go ahead and read my little blurbs on Kabaneri, Mayoiga, and more. (Don’t worry, this post isn’t going anywhere!)

Digressions aside, let’s see what’s hot on the figurative anime supermarket for this week.


I couldn’t wait to get writing on Flying Witch after watching it Sunday. Needless to say, I loved every moment of it, especially after crawling back to the house, still dressed in my overly formal attire. The tranquil, slow-paced shots of the background, showcase the colorful spirit of rural Japan as we accompany Makoto — a witch from out of town — on her quiet journey. As much as I love the artwork, the characters are what makes the show for me. Makoto may be our lovable airhead, but both Kei and Chinatsu are surprisingly very strong supporting characters. Kei being the kind straight man to Makoto’s rather eccentric personality.

At first, I was curious to see how Makoto being a witch and all would fare with her new neighbors, and what kinds of conflicts and mayhem she’ll stir up. Though so far, there’s been little in the way of plot, the relaxing soundtrack compliments the cinematic shots of scenery, giving off a sort of isolated feeling from your everyday city life. And I’m fine with that! I realized later that I didn’t really care whether Makoto was easily accepted by Chinatsu, or hesitantly acknowledged by Nao. Instead, I find myself enjoying the comfortable, homey feeling of pleasant company, and the comfy nostalgic feeling of the countryside. I’m super excited to see how Makoto will slide herself into this sleepy community.

It’s relaxing, therapeutic even; a nice change of pace from the thrill-filled Mayoiga mystery, or the action-packed Kabaneri. That, and with its scenes of playful comedy and some witty banter, this show is shaping up to be that soothing herbal tea that I’m in desperate need of; a much-needed retreat away from hectic responsibilities and daily routine to a quiet country-side home.


Actually had this one recommended to me by a friend, and I must say, I’m pleasantly surprised by the first episode RE:ZERO so far. The summary doesn’t really do the episode justice, so I was sorely mistaken when I went in thinking it’d be another generic “gamer boy gets transported to game world — meets girl” cliche. Not that that isn’t more or less, the premise of the show, but as you guys may know by now, the character depth and development is really the make or break for me. Sure, Subaru can act like a intolerably dense idiot at times, however, he isn’t entirely incompetent, nor does he feel like a cardboard cutout whose sole purpose is to perform random actions solely to advance the plot. He’s got his motives, wants, and a personality that feels realistic. He’s less your stoic badass protagonist and more of a talkative everyman, allowing his dialogue to flesh out his character rather than action for the sake of action. Emilia is also a perfect foil for him, from the way she talks to her disposition. I tend to dislike female characters who are obviously put there as the little princess for the protagonist to save. It’s distasteful, really. Emilia on the other hand, provides a very nice compliment to the dialogue, with her quick quips and witty reasoning.


Overall, I’m really enjoying the bustling atmosphere of the plaza, and the aesthetics in general. The artwork is very vibrant, coloring the fantasy town with a variety of races, exhibits, and activities. The premise of our protagonist being able to go back in time is thrilling and the characters are just so goddamn lovable. I don’t really mind harems all that much, but I hope the plot won’t be dulled down by the unnecessary sideshow. With the story just taking off, and conflict being introduced, I’m thinking this’ll be another wild ride for me as the weeks go on, and I can’t wait to see more of it.

And that’s really all of the upcoming ones I’ve checked out for the moment. Sure, there are some more interesting shows I’ll be keeping an eye on, such as Tanaka-kun and Brotherhood – Final Fantasy XV. Never actually played any of the Final Fantasy games, however, the first episode seems interesting enough. I’m mostly trying to finish Haikyuu! along with some other shows I have on my backlog. As always, thanks for the read! A bit late on my part, but expect some episode-by-episode style post, covering the current season and more. Also got a tip from my overly excited friend about a new Spice & Wolf light novel coming out (I’m the biggest sucker for Spice & Wolf) so expect a little tidbit on that as well.

Oh, and Puck is so cute 🙂