Please don’t hate me.

Ald.Zero Ep 3 Slaine.png

This is my first journey through the “100 Days of Anime” Challenge, an ambitious project that I’ll be taking. For the full list of prompts, click here.

“Favorite Mech Anime?”

Funny story, just this week I had someone tell me “I’m not an authority on anime unless I watch Mobile Suit Gundam and Neon Evangelion,” insisting that I must watch AND like them before I bother blogging. My reply to them is still the same as ever.

I’m not an authority on ANYTHING, and I don’t like mechas.


Honestly, I can think of a grand total of three mechas I’ve watched in the 5-6 years of anime watching. Neon Evangelion, Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-blooded Orphans, and Aldnoah Zero. Out of the three, Aldnoah Zero is the only one that I actually finished (it being somewhat shorter). I watched Neon Evangelion the Movie when I went to a friend’s place, and episode 3 of Iron-blooded Orphans during its simulcast on Crunchyroll.

So I’ll have to throw my lot in with Aldnoah.

Don’t get me wrong, I disliked the show for the same reasons many others did, terrible pacing, an emotionless if-sometimes badass protagonist, and a convoluted mess of character motivations that made me question just who I should be cheering for (in a bad way). Still, there were many things I liked about the show. Cinematic camerawork with an absolutely beautiful soundtrack, stunning artwork and gorgeous animations that made me feel like I was in the fight.


I want to stress that the reason I don’t watch mechas isn’t because they’re “bad” by any means. I stopped at episode 3 of Iron-blooded Orphans not because the show was bad (I actually enjoyed the gritty themes it had going on), but because it doesn’t capture my taste and style the way fantasy adventures or even slice of lifes do. Funny enough, my favorite scenes from Aldnoah feature them out of the mech, whether it was in the safety of their homebase, or in epic space battles on alien ships.


Everyone has different tastes, and though I don’t enjoy the aesthetics of fighting in “over-sized hunks of metal,” I can still recognize shows with good pacing, character development, and a plot that keeps me at the edge of my seat.

My knowledge on mechas is almost nil. That being said, if I’m wrong about anything, feel free to correct me in the comments.