A quick self-indulgent post on life.


Though I am disappointed in missing the last couple of days, I’ll have to say it was “unavoidable”. Shaking it off, so I’ll still go strong once I come back from my brief hiatus.

Where am I going?

Nowhere, actually. I only recently found out that I’ll have relatives staying for the week. Relatives that I haven’t seen in ten-ish years, so I’ll be expected to take care of them during their stay. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t disruptive, but in the same vein, I’m looking forward to meeting the ones that took care of me when I was younger (they came all the way from Vietnam!).

So this last week has been filled with halfheartedly studying to finish exams, cleaning up my rather messy home, and reading those ‘DanMachi’ light novels I’ve neglected for awhile. With work, prep, and play taking up most of my much-needed sleeping time, I’m giving myself two or so days off to get the bulk of my real life events out of the way. Not all is busybodying work, as I got a chance to go to our state fair yesterday during the pouring rain.



Wish I could have taken pictures for you guys. The fair’s always lively, despite the rain and wind. Though I didn’t get the chance to ride the rides, I did enjoy the over-priced fair foods – a fried twinkie that threatened to clog every artery in my body; among other things.

Thanks again to everyone that stopped by to check out my daily post. New faces to follow, it’s always gratifying to see others binge-read through my challenges. I won’t disappoint!